Become a Safety Net Sponsor

In recent years, public safety has taken on new dimensions. Even in the face of growing threats and challenges, our public safety professionals continue to respond with characteristic heroism and selflessness — some sacrificing their life in the line of duty. It is impossible to fill the void they leave in society and in their families.

Within hours of an on-duty death of a police officer, firefighter, publicly-funded paramedic, EMS responder or correction officer, his or her family receives a visit within 24 hours from Safety Net and funding in an amount up to $5,000 to meet immediate financial needs, with an assurance of ongoing support. Families in the counties of Cole, Boone, Miller, Morgan and Camden may receive any or all benefits based upon their unmet needs, available funding and other unforeseen circumstances. All categories of sponsorship support the families of fallen public safety servants and first responders in those counties.

Giving to Safety Net is a tangible way to express appreciation for a life given on behalf of others. By doing so, those they loved the most may continue their legacy of dedication to public safety. Your annual gift will provide the financial means to support families now and in the future.

The Guardian contribution is only available for police officers, firefighters (including volunteer firefighters), publicly-funded paramedics, EMS, and correction officers. The contribution, first and foremost, provides support to the families and survivors of fallen fellow first responders. However, this unique contribution also allows first responders and public safety servants — while actively employed or volunteering as a public safety servant — to receive essential planning services as well as options to

purchase existing and future discounted services facilitated by Safety Net. Guardians are kept apprised of current and future planned benefits via electronic communications or promotions and quarterly newsletters. Be a Guardian angel to your family and loved ones by planning for the unexpected — a gift that continues beyond life itself.

If you would like to make a donation, you can donate online by clicking here, or contact us.